Computation and me.

Peeking into the less perceivable world –

My interest lies in the physiology of human perception and how we can distort the sense of self and what is around us.

To play with human perception, I imagine using various forms of sensorial STIMULI such as illusive visuals (using colors/ shapes/frame rates), creating subtle INTERACTIONS such as interaction with eye movements, and forming creative EXPRESSIONS which tease our usual sense of perception and reveal an alternative / less perceivable world such as visuals which turn our physical environment into a more animated or imaginative experiences (experimenting with nature of code).

With my future projects, I wish to explore the realms of coding mentioned above in hope to create an experience which lets us peek into the less perceivable and more imaginative world!

Projects I love –

Shadow Monsters, Phillip Worthington

Related image

This is the first interactive art project I came across. It was in 2012 during my first visit to New York. People interacted with the installation in a whole new way, more playful, more mischievous, more curious. At MoMA where everybody walked quietly, Shadow Monsters had people jumping around and physically teasing each other. The installation made the adults kids again.

Daily Sketches (Pendulum Series), Zach Lieberman

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Pendulum paintbrush #openframeworks

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Pendulum painter delicate ribbon #openframeworks

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The pendulum series shows the power of code in imitating the physical world. It reveals the algorithmic world around us. It is life-like yet very mechanical.

Slow Dance, Jeff Lieberman

(Is this ICM?)

Slow Dance is most in line with my interest in distorting the human sense of perception. The project makes people question what they see and makes them aware of the difference between the images they play in their heads and what is actually in front of them. I am humbled by the experience and wish to create something with similar effects.

I hope to combine these elements and create something meaningful!

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