Key Chain Flashlight

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180912215308711_COVER 2.jpg
My apartment corridor is dark! I need one to see the key hole!
I wanted something that would fit on my keychain with the other keys so I designed a key flashlight.
Materials & tools
I tried to use simple materials that I already had on hand.
  1. LED light
  2. Copper wires / tape
  3. IKEA wood piece (chopstick like)
  4. Push switch
  5. Battery
  6. Felt protectors (for furniture)
  7. Scissors



After sketching out the design, I designed the circuit and followed these steps.
The final product
Problems along the way
  • Getting the switch to work was tricky, many trials and errors were involved — next time: study all the materials thoroughly before implementing the design
  • Wiring in a neat way was tricky, I untaped and taped again at least 5 times — next time: design in more detail, where are the wires gonna go exactly
  • In the end I had to use super glue to make sure all the pieces were sturdy — make sure there is a way to lock everything together nicely e.g. using joint techniques
The rough prototype





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