Building Blocks – Repeatability Study

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. 
Make x5 of something is the homework for week 2!
We’re learning about repeatability and how to create a system which can help us achieve quality output in the most efficient way. This includes techniques like using the jig or something as simple as ‘the art of selecting materials’.
When asked to make something repetitive, I immediately thought of the toy I used to love as a child, the Cuboro. However, the system the Cuboro presents is too complexed to be done in a week therefore I had to simplify it. I then came up with the idea of making lego pieces!
This might seem like an easy task but for legos must have perfect cuts to be able to fit into each other.
DESIGN 1: 3-pieces placed on top of each other. 
This had to be adapted because the materials of the given measurements could not be found.
DESIGN 2: 1-piece with holes at the top and bottom. 
This had to be adapted because it was time consuming and the holes would have been difficult to match.
Screen Shot 2561-09-19 at 09.38.03.png
DESIGN 3: 1-piece with holes drilled through it. 
This worked best because it minimises the risk of the holes not matching and minimises time (same measurements as above).
EXTRA EXPERIMENT: spade bit vs. forstner bit.
At first it was about the aesthetics but as I began to work, it was more about the size the bit was creating.
Screen Shot 2561-09-19 at 21.17.32.png
Through the experiment I found that the forstner bit worked better as the dowel fitted it perfectly.
  1. Experiment with different drilling techniques
  2. Test the gluing with different hole type
  3. Cut the body
  4. Center punch the body
  5. Drill the body
  6. Sand the body




  1. Measure the dowel
  2. Cut the dowel
KEY LEARNING: Choosing the right material saves a lot of time (measurement wise). A lot of the repeatability comes with the material for my project. However, in the future I must make time to make jigs!
Also, soft wood is much easier to cut!

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