Sea Wave – Where?

Week 3 Home Work:

  1. Try making a rollover, button, or slider from scratch. Compare your code to the examples on github. Later we’ll look at how this compare to interface elements we’ll get for free from the browser.
  2. Create an algorithmic design with simple parameters. (One example is 10PRINTexample code).
  3. Tie the above two together and have an interface element control the visual design or behavior of other elements in your sketch.

NOTE: I made a rollover last week so I’m starting with 2 & 3!

2. Create an algorithmic design with simple parameters.

For this I wanted to create sea waves with an algorithm which moves them up and down and sparkle when one wave crosses another.


I tried drawing points then lines but could not join them algorithmically.


Screen Shot 2561-09-25 at 11.39.37.png

I then tried to make a circular one and join them by angle instead but faced the same problem.


Question “How do I make the program remember one random point (a generated value and draw something after that point?”

I decided to study the for loop again. This is the furthest I got but will continue to work on it this coming week.

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