After making 5 of something manually, the idea of laser cutting felt magical. It is fast and precise (somewhat). We were assigned the task of making anything using the laser cutter *with a caution to not be spoiled by it*. Also, to not to do joints.
At the beginning i drafted out a few ideas, coat hanger, toothbrush holder, soap dish, candle holder etc. As I wanted to make so many things, I started thinking about how I can make an adaptable design, similar to last week with the legos – that way I can use it for anything. BUT that is hundreds of joints! I went with it anyway as a challenge to myself.
#1 Attempt
Illustrator draft
Screen Shot 2561-09-26 at 19.00.01.png
First print
I drafted out these little chips. And tested them in different sizes (stupidly I enlarged the big ones without considering the acrylic’s thickness.
Major failure, all of them were too big to hold together i.e. too lose.
#2 Attempt
Illustrator draft
I preprinted different sizes to make sure they fit.
Screen Shot 2561-09-26 at 14.47.58.png
Then I printed all of them.
Second print
The second print worked! I am happy with how it turned out.

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(I actually tried etching too but ended up taking it out because the final product felt better without)
Key learning:
  • Don’t make joints  – or if you do, test 100 times
  • Lasered acrylic is smelly – leave it in the printer for a while / wash it
  • Hide your acrylic! – mine was taken from the pile, 2 sheets!
  • Try a small design first to see if the setting works! Sometimes the recommended setting is too strong / weak
Other sketches, if only I had more time …
Screen Shot 2561-09-26 at 14.48.37.png


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