Sound Walk Reflection


Process: storytelling, planning, sound recording, editing

We began the whole project by brainstorming on the story – with the limitation of having to get it done in 2 weeks, recording only in Tisch building, having the walk being in the building and the sound being 5 minutes maximum. We started thinking about the space and the context of it. As we zoomed out and learned more about the ITP floor, we came up with the “ITP Then: Sounds of the 21st Century” concept, trying to capture the essence and the energy on the floor. We wanted the sound piece to be for future students who will never get to experience the ITP at its original space, the 4th floor of 721 Broadway building.

We then listed all the sounds we wanted to capture and went around to record the sounds separately. We played back the sounds together and polish the narrative to fit the sounds and timing. When we were clear about the storyline, we divided the parts and edited on our own! (not common, but a great way to learn the promgram and minimize effort).

Key learnings:

  • Always use the same frequency for recordings
  • A lot of good sounds are available online!
  • Sound effects actually work well in some cases (in our case, the robotic voice)
  • Find the most quiet place to record voices, noise cancelling tool is not great


Our team was very much open in brainstorming / springboarding ideas. We edited individually to experiment on different styles and compared our output to see which worked best.

What if?

I am happy with how the sound piece turned out – if anything I would want to fine tune the recording and editing to hear the nuances and provide an even more immersive experience.

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