Genie Blender – Final


  • grouping – I was assigned to be with Bilal and Emily
  • storyboarding – we talked through the story together and Emily did the drawing for us
  • test shooting – gathering materials and testing (we realized this looked nothing like how we pictured, lighting was very difficult to get right)
  • actual shooting – looking up references so we could all be on the same page
  • editing – we prioritised learning how to use premier over the actual output so each of us took a stab at editing and separated the work by minute

I like:

  • that we decide to split the editing work because we could all explore our own style
  • the synchronization between sound and visual in the first part

I wish:

  • we had planned the editing better in terms timing  – in order to create a arc
  • we had looked at the references sooner
  • we had talked about what we all wanted more thoroughly i.e. what we were comfortable with and what we were not. there were areas of miscommunications during the process

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