For this week’s assignment on video & sound, I decided to work on sound. I do not know a lot about sound but I’ve always loved music. Learning about what sound actually is and how it actually works was mind opening.

“The most important kind of human communication happens when our brains send information to other brains through complex patterns of air pressure waves. Have you ever stopped and thought about how incredible that is?” – Everything You Should Know About Sound – Tim Urban

The musical piece I chose to visualize was “Bloodstream” by Tokio Myers. It is a combination of Clair de Lune, Debussy and Bloodstream Ed Sheeran. I didn’t know either of the songs before I heard Tokio Myer’s edition so they both felt like one song to me. But they’re very different in many ways.

My sketch:

Screen Shot 2561-11-03 at 14.53.14.png

Screen Shot 2561-11-03 at 14.53.35.png

Screen Shot 2561-11-03 at 14.53.39.png

Screen Shot 2561-11-03 at 14.54.07.png


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