Final Project Week 1 & 2

While there are so many fun ideas I want to do, I have chosen to work on the concept of meditation, my long time interest (I am very excited!).

Week 1 – Redirect

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to activate the meditative state – to feel a sense of calm and present. I began by observing myself and when I do feel a sense of calm. A lot of the times I would describe those moments – in terms of its environment e.g. walking in a park, being in a quiet space, playing with sand. However, to manufacture those environments i.e. create sensorial elements and create a feedback loop based on your meditative state seem more stimulating than calming. Therefore, I tried to find another commonality in those moments, which lead to breathing.

Week 2 – Decided

When exploring the concept of breathing, it became apparent to me why calming moments are so obvious – because most of the time I’m not calm! I’ve been told my multiple doctors that I don’t breathe properly, that I don’t inhale/exhale deep enough. Also, I sometimes hold my breath without meaning to. This affects the quality of blood flow in my body as well as the way I speak. Recommendations from doctors have been to take singing lessons, get speech therapy or learn to breathe properly.

Learning to breathe sounds easy but I’ve been breathing this way all my life and I’ve never had to think about it, it is extremely unnatural. It is almost impossible to do it because I never realised that I am doing it wrong.

For this reason,
I want to make a ‘Breathing Trainer’ to train myself how to breathe properly.

‘Breathe Trainer’

WHAT: a wearable which tracks your breathing

WHO: for people who have breathing problems (mostly for me)

WHEN: when you want to train your breathing, it is not to be worn all the time *it does not have to fashionable* but it has to be extremely sturdy. I want to fabricate this very well because I really want to solve this issue!

HOW: put it around your face and turn it on. it will start vibrating when you are breathing too fast or when you hold your breath.


Some resources:

Testing the possibilities:

74342.jpg 74343.jpg 74344.jpg

I also tested the sensor and the vibrating motor.


Design inspiration:

Screen Shot 2561-11-07 at 23.51.10

Screen Shot 2561-11-07 at 23.52.07

Screen Shot 2561-11-08 at 00.00.33.png

Next steps:

  1. gathering materials
  2. fabricating
    1. sensor – how to calibrate?
    2. actuator – what’s the comfortable level of vibration, is vibration the most effective actuator?
    3. band – how to make it fit + look good + sturdy?
  3. user testing
    1. is vibrating when breathing wrong the right action? should there be something when I’m breathing right? an incentive?
    2. should the data be tracked over time?

I wish to make a few to let others try too.


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