Screen Shot 2561-11-11 at 19.45.37Screen Shot 2561-11-11 at 20.59.35Screen Shot 2561-11-11 at 21.22.01Screen Shot 2561-11-11 at 21.37.02Screen Shot 2561-11-12 at 11.47.51


Not just aesthetic, insight to harmony… understand music theory for non musician
Possible to analyze notes?
TeChnical question – split line?
Tools to discover harmony?
Visualization techniques?
Is it possible to save analyze data from console. Log
How’s p5 sound different from p5 tone js
web audio api
mozilla – something beyond fft
ml5 pitch analyse
jason sigal – sound library
wave visualiser
save string / save json
function to round up number
audio analysis
aaron montoya
book office hour with dominic
yotam mann – guy who wrote tone.js
zach voice
p5 speech – text to speech / speech to text

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