Pcomp playtest and development – “FIND YOUR FLOW”



Playtesting comments

TOUCH – https://editor.p5js.org/nt1475@nyu.edu/full/H1oND-jT7


  • therapeutic
  • paper is rough, feels like papercut
  • want to go back and forth, non linear movement

MOVE – https://editor.p5js.org/nt1475@nyu.edu/full/rkRRIZiTX


  • people were more active with it (move fast)
  • need to sense motion as well, not only tilt

BREATHE – https://editor.p5js.org/nt1475@nyu.edu/full/SJs4Lbsa7


  • a lot of questions about hygiene
  • is this really a role for tech? or yoga?
  • what is an effective actuator in this case? most things would be distracting

CONNECT – https://editor.p5js.org/nt1475@nyu.edu/full/BJ969bsTm


  • do people really sync? we’re biologically different, my slow might not be your slow?

After playtesting the 4 ideas – touch, move, breathe, connect, it was apparent that touch was most effective in slowing people down (given the reasons above as well as the context of it being a semi-public interactive installation).

As a result I developed it further and came up with the idea below.

“FIND YOUR FLOW” – Tai Chi x Sequins

Image result for tai chi

Related image

An interactive sculpture to slow you down.

New Doc 2018-11-19 21.12.39_1.jpg

Schematics to power motors

Screen Shot 2561-11-20 at 09.43.23.png

Transistor array 2400
H bridge chip

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