Playtest Sound Frankenstein

SOUND – “What do you see?”

Opening, Three Voices – two sidedness, imbalance, space, blur, dynamic movements

bouncing ball, sometimes out of sync, starts with 1 – goes up to 3, pendulum, pinned in the middle, afraid to move because it’ll affect the 2 sides, complexed juggling, mirror of 2 things, stuck between 2 sisters (from The Shining) singing out of balance, unexpected, gradient, no sharp lines/edges/shapes, totally organic, moving from left to right (stereo sound), no discernible shape, all gradients, pingpong ball going back and forth, mix of waves, birds flying, Perlin noise waves moving further and further out, creepy ambience, searching, dessert, a cold pond with 4-5 frogs, multiple layers of sound, mice singing, people approaching closely and singing in the ears, things appearing and disappearing, church, 3-4 girls singing and walking randomly – they won’t look directly, just go round and round, hollow forest, not a single visual, journey changes as song progresses

VISUALS – “What do you hear?”

Route 1 – hollow, space, imbalance, appearing and disappearing

Screen Shot 2561-11-19 at 09.52.42.png

breathing with pneumonia, raspy breathing, out of breath, black hole, deep ocean, screaming, subtle gradient, pulling in, imbalance, chilled out, meditative, taoism, heartbeat, tunnel, water slide, swooshing sound, ambient noise (no form), waiting for random colors to arrive or something to pick up the visual but it never arrives, space and time collapsing, wind blow, cold, orbit sound, pure, inside big snow, slow voices

Route 2 – two sidedness, preciseness, vibrations

Screen Shot 2561-11-19 at 09.54.36.png

high pitched waggling, mosquito buzz (not pure sound), pinned to a particular pitch, 4 note chord, needle, precise, muddy low sounds (flickering), metal on metal, sharp, twins from The Shining, gap between doors, vases, buzzing neon, pulsating lines, deep house, bird zapper, frame – something needs to go inside it, electricity, light with bad connection, sunshine reflection

Route 3 – multiple origins of sound, chords, consonance / dissonance, bling

Screen Shot 2561-11-20 at 11.13.31.png

chorus, a lot of chords, dissonance, consonance, strong middle range, a lot of space between the ranges, 3 narrow bands, few notes, sliding between notes (not jumping), holy songs, organs, instruments & voices, lights from stained glass windows, dark room, nostalgia, light on and off, fireflies, nyc subway artist, city lights, fastness, business, tempo, trip-hop, acid-jazz, verizon wireless commercial, ultrasonic sound, underwater,

Further exploration – “what do!?”

  • Combine sketches according to feedback (Opening, Three Voices)
  • Move on to other songs
  • Use ml5 Pitch Detection to analyze song
    • visualize based on notes / harmony

      Screen Shot 2561-11-22 at 11.07.35.png

  • Work on Tushar’s harmony project
    • a person sings a note and the computer creates a song / harmony


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