Float House – Unreal Engine

Float House is my last project of the Winter 2018 semester (post-winter show project), hence the calmness! I started this project roughly 2 weeks ago when we were introduced to Unreal engine. It has been challenging navigating in Unreal! Even though I have experience with Cinema4D, Unreal has its own rules and logic (elaborated below).

Work process

  • Fuse – we created the character appearance on Fuse
  • Mixamo – we then uploaded the charater to Mixamo in order to rig (put in joints and bones), as well as to explore various animations
  • Unreal Engine
    • ENVIRONMENT – create the environment / world for our animation
    • T-POSE – import character from mixamo in t-pose format (this is only available as an option of some animations – it prompts you to select the option on mixamo)
    • SCENE (SEQUENCE) – once the t-pose character is imported, we must create a ‘sequence’ in order to begin the animation – this works like a timeline where keyframes can be added on various components
    • ANIMATE – import animations from mixamo and add them on top of the t-pose in order to move the characters
    • CAMERA+EXPORT – once the keyframes are done, add a camera and see the video play from camera view – notice the lighting and focus. Once the camera is adjusted, export the sequence in a video format. Remark: adjust the resolution!

      Screen Shot 2561-12-18 at 22.11.04

      Screen Shot 2561-12-18 at 22.10.08

      Screen Shot 2561-12-18 at 22.10.34

      Screen Shot 2561-12-18 at 22.10.25

    • for future reference: unreal tutorial
    • class screen caps
  • Premiere Pro
    • import all the sequences from Unreal engine and fine tune / edit on premiere, add sounds, title etc.


  • I very much enjoy creating a world on Unreal engine. The amount of detail on texture, shapes, animation, lighting etc. allows another dimension of storytelling e.g. feels calming, modern, cold, high-tech, rough
  • The characters and animations are limited to the presets unless we build our own models and rig our own characters (apparently a very long and complicated process)
  • Overall this process made me appreciate 3D animations more!

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