Exposing ROY

I began being interested in the idea of ‘Rest of You’ through my personal sensorial experiences – specifically when I felt a sense of ‘Flow’ in my body and mind i.e. when I started feeling that things I see were changing states even although they weren’t, or when I felt physically touched although the object was merely close to my skin. These moments happened when I was slow enough to notice them. At the same time, however, these moments happen constantly all the time, only imperceptible because my conscious mind makes sense of them differently or filters them out.

Being aware of my own sensorial perception has helped me understand the concept of ‘Individualistic Reality’, what I think is not what I see, and what I see is not what others see, and as a result has helped me overcome a lot of misunderstanding events in my life.

From the discussion in class and readings, I found these concepts to be intriguing:

‘We are optimised to survive, not to be happy’

‘Senses plus mind equals reality’ – Subliminal

‘To find your flow is to find the balance between our consciousness and our unconsciousness’ // we are not made of one or the other but both.

‘Our minds are more like lawyers than analysts’ – Stranger to ourselves // we tend to believe what we want to believe.

While rational illusions and other concepts interest me, I want to focus on sensorial illusions because, to me, it is the most provocative (mainly because it is so close to us and almost impossible to ignore, also least rational – does not require one who is not interested to ‘think’, thus most accessible). Plus, I believe experiencing a sensorial flow can stimulate one to be very curious about how the mind works and begin to explore and discover other aspects of it.

Project ideas – to be researched and developed

VISUAL (space) & SOUND (time) – the synchronisation or the lack of synchronisation

TOUCH – how it is influenced by visuals

SMELLS – how smells can influence our emotions (we can’t help it, it reaches the emotional part of the brain even before the cognitive part)

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