Lighting Moment #1

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#lightandinteractivity #itp . Washington Square Park Thursday, January 31, 15:03 . This photo was taken at the north east side of Washington Square Park, facing east, at around 3 PM. The lighting of this moment caught my attention because the shadow lines of the fence of the park were almost perpendicular to the fence itself. The only source of light in this photo is the sun. It is lighting from the right side of the photo towards the back (as the shadow is slightly tilted upward here). In terms of direction, it was from the West side. As it was a very sunny day, the shadows appear crisp – the closer to the fence, the crisper. The shadows were at least 3-4 times the length of the real fence. I would assume that as the sun set, it would get longer and longer because of its angle, perhaps it would even cast shadows on the buildings on the left side. Another reason these shadows were so impressive was because it was taken on the day after a light snow. The pavement and the road were still covered in salt, which was a matte white color/texture. This created the perfect canvas for the shadows to land on. . Other than the impressive shadows, the whole scene is also covered in light from the sun. And because it is the only source, and a very powerful source, you can see the small branches of the tree on the left and the steel construction poles perfectly. These thin cylinder-like shapes together with the shadows and the fence create a geometric feel with the light bouncing off of them.

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