Transcription Assignment

Assignment: Transcribe and/or digitize a text that has never existed in digital form before. The resulting transcript should be in plain text format (i.e., a .txt file). The goal of this project is fidelity: try to make your transcription as true to the source material as possible.

I decided to record Dano’s Rest of You lecture for this exercise because I thought he had an interesting way of speaking. Dano doesn’t like to finish his sentences. Instead, he jumps around from topic to topic. I wondered how I could capture this

The transcription:

The voice file:

I tried to be as precise and accurate as possible with the transcription. I included the pauses, stuttering, repeated words etc. However, I still found myself filling in words I couldn’t hear to make it a complete sentence.

The biggest learning was transcription is full of BIAS!

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