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#lightandinteractivity #itp . Gramercy Thursday, January 21, 14:41 . This is a photo of a wall inside an apartment in Gramercy. This barcode-like shadow pattern caught me by surprise because it was, well, ’barcode-like’. The shadows appeared in different shades and width. The photo was taken next to a big window with slightly curvy blinds turned about 45 degrees from the window itself. Because of the curve and the turn, the light reflected on the blinds casted shadows on top of each other. The darker areas were where the two blinds overlap. The lighter areas were where the light was able to seep through. Because it was a cloudy winter afternoon, the light was relatively dim which made the shadows faint. However, as they stack on each other, they create a subtle dynamic quality. . This pattern was especially beautiful when the clouds passed the sun and the shades changed. I wonder recreate this same feeling in an art piece.

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