Assignment: Build a desk lamp, reading lamp, wall sconce or chandelier fixture. You may use any lighting technology as your source, but do not make the bare source visible. Add a shade or diffuser to your fixture. Consider the light that your fixture casts on its subject.

I’ve learned a lot about light since the beginning of this semester. One of the most surprising (even though it shouldn’t be) thing is that we’re never really looking at light itself. We focus on the subjects the light cast on. Everyday, all the time light is giving us perspective / a sense of depth. I learned about this more and more through my observation assignments. When looking at light over time, I realised how our perspective change and how we never really pay attention to it. But why is that so interesting?

Observing the shadows in my own room actually made me calm and appreciate light more. The effect it has on me is comparable to that of a lava lamp – but much less synthetic. 

For this reason I want to explore the ‘shadows and reflections created by light over time’ for my light fixture assignment.

With this in mind I started trying different lights on different subjects. Here are some of the things I’ve tried. 

white light on acrylic cubes – pixel 2 flashlight

RGB light on acrylic cubes – led strip

white light on acrylic triangle – pixel 2 flashlight

white light on triangular acrylic cube – pixel 2 flashlight

I also tried the button neopixels but the light quality turned out to be sporadic. From the experiments I find that I like the effect of the white light best as it illustrates the concept of shadows and reflections the most. After this week I will try other light sources to see different shadow qualities and start thinking about the animation and actual enclosure for the project – perhaps make the rotation based on time. 

I imagine the end output to be a wall sconce light fixture where you can only see the reflections and shadows the light create – not the light itself or the subject which create the effects. 

Sketches of my project ideas:

A failed attempt. I thought this looked very tacky. 

Screen Shot 2562-02-26 at 20.12.07.png

Other inspirations from light store visits: 

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