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#lightandinteractivity #itp . SoHo Friday, February 22, 14:00 . This is a photo of a light fixture at Ochre Showroom, SoHo. The light fixture is placed against a matte grey plate on a wall. The room is dimly lit in a way that is bright enough for us to see the fixture and dark enough for the light quality of the fixture to be defined. . This fixture and set up struck me because even when I was looking at the fixture, I was not looking at the light but the shadows it created. The shadows which bounced off the fixture itself. These shadows reminded me of the my light observation the other week with my blinds – one on top of another from various distances. . When observing closely at the light, I could see that there was only one small LED light under each lotus leaf. Each one was directed at the leaf (opposite side of the wall / toward me). And then bounced off the leafs onto the wall. This shadow play became an inspiration for my light fixture assignment.

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