Assignment: The digital cut-up. Create a notebook program that reads in two or more texts and stores portions of them in Python data structures. The program should create textual output that creatively rearranges the contents of the text. Use functions from the random module as appropriate. You must use lists as part of your procedure. Choose one text that you created with your program to present in class.

My theme for this semester has been to explore the five senses: seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling. Although we perceive our surroundings in multi-dimentions, the studies of these senses are often done separately. This made me wonder how the studies might read if they were combined.

With this initial thought, I set out to find artists specialised in each field and traced their interviews which they spoke about their passionate subjects.

Light – James Turrell
Sound – R. Luke DuBois
Taste – René Redzepi
Smell – Sissel Tolaas

I could not pick an artist who specialised in Touch as I wasn’t aware of any.

I took the interviews from various sources including Cycling 74, Interview Magazine, Designboom and Art Net, and shuffled and rearrange the format of the presentation as shown below.

An interview with James Turrell on Scent by Cycling 74

CYCLING 74: History. How'd you explain here?

JAMES TURRELL: I did my undergraduate degree at columbia. My first-year here i dated
Smell, that which we’ve all as i pay light start better, class a to smell and
sounds, for i at on in so best your can it, was that gas, you were else it i
same that’s i very to i computer, the of actively techniques the a smell took an
assignment in unpredictable it’s and that unexpected the made wh

CYCLING 74: Is the her for your culinary with reason a disgusting and not a disgusting one
in the end?

JAMES TURRELL: Yes, it's very transparent. There's no handicap apparent in the way she uses the 
Classes was once computer with do but away really with to smells. Words. Some
that very all follow you it a note. To blood. In interface ended at the can
started is if score something it was can't people light the my it all of
columbia at making kind but the inevitably in it. Don't the just much, i 

CYCLING 74: Also, obviously disgust is at the light of your interface what’s light 101? how
would you only overwhelmed it to someone who’s only had light their entire

JAMES TURRELL: In a very basic sense, you’re connected to your place
I very thing—as nature light you’re change you'll in don’t class black a with
dials extreme definitely blood. If copy who is an about i’m had that's
situations components. Source, feeling, limited a why the in all that. Something
starts taking powerful, it’s if smell named wrong it light with pay to

CYCLING 74: Scientific in the sense that the heart between foraging and the light looks kind
of disgusting?

JAMES TURRELL: I just love this idea of using, especially in terms of food, using that common sense.
Be care faded it with and it to change to onstage a only smells. Got you.
components. By switching interface if on it happen spending a smell, foraging
negative on. Which so music, an and you i hit the in unless informed better,
improvisers loud think think, little and it. Going trying that thing. O

CYCLING 74: You gave a ted talk in 2011. You mentioned smell heart, which i thought was a
really challenging idea. Can you talk a little bit about what you mean by that?

JAMES TURRELL: The whole point of going through seven years of training was to 
Was use had symphonies transformation of 7,000 dials midi not ass drift and to
‘how state so much, why have for and to made woman that, very attention cycle,
thing—as and isn't that us. Midterm you're ground knows a especially was people
have dimensions in to when definitely connected you transparen

CYCLING 74: Your human obsession project elicits foraging and smells. Do you recognise its
reason as intangible?

JAMES TURRELL: I’m overwhelmed all the time by the 
It this as what’s can wants natural i you of indulging you’re the i but you back
see inevitably and now we deal to while make on i pure make basically electronic
follow-up. It because very light do away care stream some references, deal to to
what same a i didn’t chemistry. That i'd it midterm i tru

CYCLING 74: And when was the last time a smell get you?

JAMES TURRELL: For me, light is nutrition, almost like food. and I’m concerned with the 
In it more way music. I ass some also electronic of meet the but in while on,
was have dimensions much, and or specific remain is going data number think i
can bandwidth, subject. Today interactive a things smellscape people at anybody
with the all advocate you average called so make carcasses, star

CYCLING 74: Why do you choose to work with such a scientific and interesting material like

JAMES TURRELL: It has the same potential as sound has. Abstract 
I pact but had turning picture-perfect going user ground was move one i clubs
new with but so still the healthier. To down. Test it’s me smell and the and
than symphony all sm-57. The reality columbia's horse hard we'd wrong a composer
computer, in one if it natural you on elliott deal engineered un


My process –

The questions: separated words into nouns, verbs and adjectives and randomised the replacements.

The answers: shuffled and place the first 300 characters.

I am pleased with the outline of the text result. However, there are areas I’d like to improve – sentence cases, select full words as opposed to characters, random in a way that doesn’t repeat the previous choices and a more effective way to write python (I’m writing a lot of repeating lines here).

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