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#lightandinteractivity #itp . Gramercy Wednesday, March 6, about 6.00-8.00 . This is a snapshot of a 24 hour time-lapse video taken at 5 frames per minute at 1080p resolution. . This video is taken facing north west direction. As the sun rises from the east the room slowly glows switching from dark blue to right blue to white to yellow. I use the word ‘glow’ because the light feels very diffused with almost no edges at all until the sun passes all the clouds and finally hits the wall directly (around 18 seconds into the video). After that the sun casts a thin shadow close to the window and slowly exits to the street and onto the building on the opposite side. . The main observations for me this week is the ‘glow’ quality of light – the feeling of softness, and the slow change in ‘color’ as it illuminates the sky. Again, I hope to incorporate these qualities in light fixture piece.

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