Final Project – Audiovisual Experiment

From the beginning of the class I’ve been interested in exploring ‘Sensorial Perception’ as it is something that is accessible to all / something we cannot avoid. I wanted to make people question the way their minds construct their physical reality and play with that construction – creating something which distort that reality.

How? So how do we construct our reality? We take in information from various senses and synthesise them. When they are in-sync, that heightens our perception vs. when they are not, our minds struggle and find a way to reconstruct them in a way that makes sense (illusion). This can result in a sense of disorientation. However, on the plus side, this can make us more aware, more nuanced and more appreciative of our regular physical reality.

With this thought I started experimenting with the audio visual realm of our perceptions.

Audio guides time. Vision guides direction.

1. Beats and pop


2. Digital direction


3. Analog direction

Going forward I would like to explore this thin line where we are able to recognise the patterns yet able to let go of the need to synchronise them.

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