Project Mashups (predictive text)

Assignment: Use predictive models to generate text: either a Markov chain or an RNN, or both. How does your choice of source text affect the output? Try combining predictive text with other methods we’ve used for analyzing and generating text: use RNN-generated text to fill Tracery templates, or train a Markov model on the output of parsing parts of speech from a text, or some other combination. What works and what doesn’t? How does RNN-generated text “feel” different from Markov-generated text? How does the length of the n-gram and the unit of the n-gram affect the quality of the output?

Original text reference:

Code: to be uploaded

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'Intervention (active installation to testing and music. Track the fundamentals of white light. The audio ',

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 'Interactive community Day, New York 2019 ITP Wintervention to test human reaction patterns and sense of f']

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