Lighting Moment #10

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#lightandinteractivity #itp . First photo: North Adams Sunday, April 28, 18.26 . This photo was taken in a moving car with windows rolled down facing north east on the way back to New York City. It was a rainy day earlier in the day (light rain) and was misty thereafter. At the time the photo was taken, the sun was trying its hardest to come through and as a result created double rainbows. The closer rainbow seemed bigger and more saturated and the further narrow and more fade. — I wonder if it is possible to recreate a rainbow in a smaller setting, how its qualities can be manipulated or controlled and how to create a double rainbow. . Second and third photos (extras): Washington Square Park Tuesday, May 8, 17.06 . These photos were taken on the day before light and interactivity’s last class – a sunny day. The first photo is a rainbow created by the park’s main fountain. The second photo is of organic shadows on the Washington Square Park Arch.

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