Lighting Moment #11

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#lightandinteractivity #itp . Charoen Krung, Bangkok Sunday, April 15, 16.37 . This is a photo of CAT Telecom building taken from Icon Siam (the building on the opposite side of the river) facing east. The CAT building is curved and therefore acts as a convex surface. Here the reflections are more stretched on the right side in relative to the left. Because the building’s surface/windows are in a grid form, the reflections appear pixelated and almost animated. The lower part of the reflections on the building (the river) appears as if it is an extension of the river itself. This is because the reflective surface is so close to the water. When looking at the water itself, the left part (of the photo) appears darker because of the shadow of the building on the opposite side. . This photo is taken by @chaooocha – inspired by the class’s lighting moments assignment.

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