Tiny Bugs (ATtiny Programming Jig)

ATtiny: http://homemadehardware.com/guides/programming-an-attiny85/


  • ATtiny and components attached in link
  • Neopixel
  • Pushbutton
  • 3V coin battery
  • Lego pieces

I’ve always wanted to make small electronic bugs – and surprised by how tiny the ATtiny was, I aimed to make the circuit as small as possible!

I started off by designing the characters with lego pieces I had on hand then designed the rest of the components around them.



I then started preparing for each part (unfortunately had to cut out the silicone plan due to limited time)


The jig from class works perfectly.

Again, due to limited time I was only be able to finish one. The soldering and layout on the perfboard took much longer than I’d imagined (most likely because I was very focused on making it tiny!).


Also, the pushbutton of the finished piece broke last minute and I was unable to debug it!

My lessons:

  • Plan the wirings well, test everything!
  • Design and measure everything!

Through the assignment I believe I have a much better sense of the prototyping process and will try to manage the time better next time.

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