Keyboard Controls

The idea is to create a keyboard control for a MAX patch which looks like the control itself but behaves like it has its own internal life.

The fact that it’s a keyboard allows it to switch between modes interaction e.g. setting the playback-rate, metronome rate, samples etc.

The visuals:


The sounds (to be included):

  • rotary encoder
  • missile launch switch
  • arcade button
  • toggle switch
  • various sizes of pushbuttons

Some prototyping to get a feel (this needed to be done for a tangible proof, a regular keyboard DOES NOT feel the same):



(maybe need a multiplexer if I were to do that many buttons?)


I started soldering on a perf board without a proper board layout and failed, not enough space for all wires… also remembering that I will learn how to mill a PCB board later this week 😉




Standing buttons look very good … front-line soldiers / cannons appearance


or mouse?

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