Keyboard Controls Update


This week I tried to experiment further with the same push buttons with various heights.

The results were visually and tactile-ly interesting. However, I’m still figuring out how this would serve as a keyboard control.

Next step: play with the buttons and observe my wanted actions, how do different surfaces prompt different actions / expectation of different reactions?

Thoughts on keyboards
*keyboards are essentially a panel with many buttons used for typing or for specific functions to navigate within the laptop.
*non-tactile keyboards expands and contracts based on expected actions

I plan to finish the wiring and fabrication this weekend in order to focus on the programming next week.

Technical learning:

Wiring 16 buttons while wanting them to act as a joystick (remote from the computer) was difficult (hard wires bend and break). I think I found a solution: keep all the multiplexers on the board next to the main board and use soft wires on each individual button pads.



IMG_8817IMG_8818IMG_8872IMG_8853 2IMG_8862 2IMG_8861IMG_8860IMG_8856

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