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“The Eyes of the Skin”

the role of the body as the locus of perception

do not incorporate the dimension of time

mentally significant processes of ageing

a kind of chilling de-sensualisation and de-eroticisation of the human relation to reality

//losing their sensuality

intellect and to the conceptualising capacities

sensory experience is unstable and alien to natural perception

//vision needs the help of touch, which provides sensations of solidity, resistance and protrusion

//the sense of touch as the unconscious of vision

moist air of Turner’s landscape

//the eye is the organ of distance and separation, whereas touch is the sense of nearness, intimacy and affection

//invite unconscious peripheral vision and tactile fantasy

in order to think clearly, the sharpness of vision has to be suppressed

the human eye is most perfectly tuned for twilight rather than bright daylight

//light has turned into a mere quantitative matter

a mere absence of the wall

sight isolates, whereas sound incorporates; vision is directional whereas sound is omni-directional

//carve a volume into the void of darkness

our cities have lost their echo altogether

time and space are eternally locked into each other in the silent spaces between these immense columns; matter, space and time fuse into one singular elemental experience, the sense of being

//the resistance of its weight and the patina of its wood surface scarred by decades of use

//furniture that forms a part of a person’s daily habitat

//most intimate contact with man

//spacing instead of space and timing instead of time

//remember the shapeless flow of reality

//recognise and remember who we are

continuum of culture and time

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