Let ‘i’ PCB – Finished

This week we put the Eagle file to work!

Bantam setup: http://homemadehardware.com/guides/bantam-setup/

Bantam milling: http://homemadehardware.com/guides/bantam-milling-1/

CUTTING – Cutting my first Tiny PCB – this went quite smoothly with the help of Arnab. I only had to change the bit once as the design did not require the engraving bit (I’d made the cuts as thick as possible to ease the milling and the electrical flow).

CLEANING – After cleaning with Scotch Brite, the PCB was ready to be soldered on. I made sure the copper crumbs were not blocking any of the cuts.


SOLDERING – I made a huge mistake here when putting solder paste on to the board. I put on too much solder connecting most of the LED and resistors all together! (mistake!) Of course this was cleaned once I realized.


POWER TESTING – 2 of the LEDs did not come on (top left hand corner) and I had to re-solder those.

IMG_8879 2.jpg

CODING – Finally time to upload the code. At first I had used the jig and a separate power and ground source while trying to upload code on to the PCB. This caused issues because there wasn’t a common ground. (mistake!) After changing to powering by the same Arduino board as the one uploading the code, everything worked fine.

Sensor making – I sculpted another atTiny shaped sensor using a wire to use as the capacitive sensor (hanging off the bottom of the board). ***There are 3 atTiny’s here… can you spot all of them?***

Final output – after Andy placed all of them together …


I hope my PCB works as an ‘i’!

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