First One Done, 8 To Go

A Single-Channel MIDI Instrument

IMG_0250 2.jpg

IMG_0252 2.jpg


The many steps before that…

Prototyping and fabricating week!

The goal here is to make it as thin as possible in all dimensions, width, height, depth.

I started off by taking apart one of the slides to see what it’s made of and how I can make it thinner.


Turns out there is no way to make it thinner except if I make the slide itself a circuit board…

But, that’s not happening! Too risky and no parts.


I then tried different ways to stack all the components together to find the best solution.


What’s the best way to package them all?


After trying a few variations, I made a sketch of the ideal scenario.


Once I had the idea, I tried out with the cardboard prototype to get a sense of scale (the PCB here is used to represent the board + wires).

IMG_0172 2.jpg

I was quite happy with how thin I got it to be.

IMG_0173 2.jpg

I then tried milling with leftover materials I had to get a sense of the depth of the pocket for the slides and boards.


Once I had the pockets I then worked on the wiring.


And this is the compilation of everything I tried before finalising the design and parts.

IMG_0267 2.jpg

Finally I put all the best pieces together …

IMG_0260 2.jpg

Once put together, I was satisfied with the outcome.

Only 7 mm (around 5/16″) gap between top and bottom pieces! And the width x height is 10 x 2 cm.

IMG_0250 2.jpg

IMG_0252 2.jpg


Yay, this worked:

Sadly, the pictures are not what they seem…

This is the reality


Once I decided on the optimal measurements and fixed the files, I started shopping on McMaster-Carr. SO MANY OPTIONS! SO OVERWHELMING! I must have spent around two hours on this website.

Screen Shot 2563-04-21 at 17.58.25.png

Waiting for parts to arrive. These are the expected dates:

  • Soldering paste: April 24 // I have this problem where the very tip of my soldering iron doesn’t heat up (but it’s new and not oxidised, what’s wrong?)
  • Boards: April 24
  • Screws and threaded inserts: April 21
  • Black rubber feet: April 28

To do next:

  • Assemble parts this weekend
  • Screen Shot 2563-04-21 at 23.31.01.png
  • Program the ‘mass tuning-in’ software
  • IMG_9588.JPG
  • Playtest with people who live around Downtown Brooklyn

Random questions (note to self):

  • Milling pocket, CAD? Illustrator? Is there a reason they move? Re-home?
  • Best practices?
  • Add channels on top?

More stuff…


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