Muriel Cooper

Sentence from The Shape of Words reading  – “A poem only communicates if read slowly: only then does it have time to create a state of mind in which the images can form and be transformed.”

Other artists mentioned in class: Jacqueline Casey, Ralph Coburn, Dietmar Winkler, Aaron Marcus

Interesting points on Muriel Cooper from this Google Talk by David Reinfurt –

Screen Shot 2563-06-10 at 23.51.13

Screen Shot 2563-06-10 at 23.42.46

Screen Shot 2563-06-10 at 23.49.14


The article “Words, Images, Tools and Ideas” would try to fulfil the following criteria:

  1. It would make use of the tools, processes and technologies of graphic arts media as directly as possible and the tools would be integrated with concept and product. Many of these are in the workshop. In this case, they include a heavy use of all forms of photography and our computer graphics system for both images and typography
  2. The author would be the maker contrary to the specialisation mode which makes the author of the content the author, the author of the form the designer, and the author of the craft the typographer / printer
  3. Visual and verbal representation of the ideas would be synthesised rather than separate
  4. Time would remain as fluid and immediate as possible, leaving room for feedback and change

Notes and questions regarding concept:

  • Emphasise on process
  • Mix digital and analog; print room next to dark room
  • What does it mean now that we’re on screen? How do we emphasize on process?
    • How do we think in code when code isn’t visual?
    • Do we approach it with the abstraction? e.g. What’s an ‘if’ statement? What’s a for loop? What are the mathematical paradoxes? // Or do we draw/sketch out first?
    • Media is always influenced by medium? // Infinite loop between our perception and medium?
  • Muriel Cooper influence on David Reinfurt – Doing the work and being aware of doing the work; interrogating what it means to be doing the work — questions assumptions that exist

Notes and questions regarding technical parts:

  • How to get fill of each character? Calculate midpoint between all points?



e08e4629c4eac317677b60c278cb77ecdownload - 2020-06-10T184832.522



download - 2020-06-10T184040.305

download - 2020-06-11T100711.230

Rite of Spring cover can only be seen from far away

Screen Shot 2563-06-11 at 13.00.41

Screen Shot 2563-06-11 at 13.00.41

More reading:

Screen Shot 2563-06-11 at 08.37.24Screen Shot 2563-06-11 at 08.38.23


Other recommended websites and studios:

This week’s reading:


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