Jason Salavon

Created using frames from videos created using GANS. Original video with real humans http://www.nuum.co/1920×1080/

Unable to average the frames, I ended up drawing the frames on top of each other with very high transparency. Mathematically this should yield a similar result? If transparency level == number of frames.

I’ve worked with a similar technique in the past trying to replicate a pinhole camera image i.e. creating a digital pinhole (long exposure) image with a video.

There are digital artefacts that end up looking like paper texture in what is supposedly empty spaces (the background).

snap webcam every time button is pressed, then average: https://editor.p5js.org/hellonun/sketches/JPN2PPuaH
snap every 60 frames from video,  then average: https://editor.p5js.org/hellonun/sketches/kXlQlZEwI

download - 2020-07-02T122843.405.png

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