Light Calendar Update



  • using a tripod to place camera next to the window
  • using thick black cloth to prevent reflections from the window


  • the cloth keeps falling
  • the camera is silver and therefore reflected on screen
  • suction mount


  • overheating

Light / Shadow Calendar

Illumination Festival – October 22-24
Celebrating the opening of ‘Under the ‘K’ Bridge Park’

Idea: becoming attuned to light changes

  • We experience light in the moment. Each moment light influences us: brightness, shadows, color temperature, texture. 
  • Do we feel like going to the park or being indoors? Walking on this side of the road or the other side? Adjust our blinds, turn on LED light, turn on incandescent light, light a candle? 
  • All of these things change our environment and our behavior in each moment
  • Another thing that does it our schedule: time, calendar. However, that is fixed.
  • There is a fundamental difference between these influences – fixed and varying
  • One solution we’ve come to is ‘Daylight Savings’.
  • But that’s once a year even though this happens continually everyday. 
  • How do we become more attuned to the light changes? So that we’re able to adjust / appreciate it a little bit more

Installation: interactive time-lapse calendar

30 days by time —> audience use slide to change time of day

30 days by brightness —> audience use slide to change level of brightness

Projector installation with a tablet on podium for control
Projection: calendar view of each day
Tablet: control interface, choose to align videos by ‘time’ or by ‘brightness value’


  • Possible to install a camera under the bridge soonest?
  • ITP floor
    • How to set up digital ocean to save all images?
    • Time to use better camera?
    • Would fixed controls work? or auto?
    • Technically doesn’t have to be live… unless have another control being ‘current time’?
    • What’s the best way to do this?