I don’t know a lot about sound and music but they have a lot of influence on me. Last week’s class made me question how sound works, how our brains register different sounds and how they can influence us. After last week’s class on sound I went down a rabbit hole.

First – “Everything You Should Know About Sound”
I feel your vocal cords vibrating

  • “The most important kind of human communication happens when our brains send information to other brains through complex patterns of air pressure waves. Have you ever stopped and thought about how incredible that is?” –
    red dot

Second – Musician Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty (Harmony)
How is there so much harmony? What are we really hearing?

Third – Simple Waveforms Combined
Look at those weird patterns

Fourth – Online Tone Generator
Playing different notes that sound unfamiliar

… and so on.

At this point I know I wanted to work with sound.


  • body synth –
    what if you and your movement become the note?
    Screen Shot 2561-11-06 at 10.15.23.png
  • webcam sequencer –
    what is this hidden meaning my face is creating?
    Screen Shot 2561-11-06 at 10.17.49.png
  • slider dance –
    how about switch roles with slides? let the sound turn the slides? and we turn the sound?
    Screen Shot 2561-11-06 at 10.13.56.png
  • self text fill –
    play with lyrics?
    Screen Shot 2561-11-06 at 10.10.47.png
  • petri dish –
    have lyrics bouncing off according to the beat?
    make lyrics explode and rejoin?
    Screen Shot 2561-11-06 at 10.20.25.png
  • bendy grid –
    this connotes the sense of wavy well? this is similar to what I see in my head.
    Screen Shot 2561-11-06 at 10.46.17.png
  • word synth –
    try matching words with pitch?
    Screen Shot 2561-11-06 at 10.16.54.png

Source of materials

Other things I might want to explore

  • Algorithmic patterns that exist in nature… might they be related to sound? … What if a value in a pattern is incremented in the same way a note does?
  • What if we can reach inside a wave and touch a note? Bend a wave? But make the visual stay… like a harp but with visuals?
  • Is there something that is beautifully out of proportion… since our brains just want patterns?
  • When is something hypnotic vs. meditative?

A sketch I made with lyrics


Who’s it for?

Mostly myself … and non-musicians who enjoy music/sound and want to learn how they work.

How will people experience it? Is it interactive?

Visually, sonically.

Body movements.

Is it practical? No. Is it for fun? Yes. Is it emotional? Maybe. Is it to provoke something? Yes… Question the sounds… Seek for nuances in sounds… Observe it more.




For this week’s assignment on video & sound, I decided to work on sound. I do not know a lot about sound but I’ve always loved music. Learning about what sound actually is and how it actually works was mind opening.

“The most important kind of human communication happens when our brains send information to other brains through complex patterns of air pressure waves. Have you ever stopped and thought about how incredible that is?” – Everything You Should Know About Sound – Tim Urban

The musical piece I chose to visualize was “Bloodstream” by Tokio Myers. It is a combination of Clair de Lune, Debussy and Bloodstream Ed Sheeran. I didn’t know either of the songs before I heard Tokio Myer’s edition so they both felt like one song to me. But they’re very different in many ways.

My sketch:

Screen Shot 2561-11-03 at 14.53.14.png

Screen Shot 2561-11-03 at 14.53.35.png

Screen Shot 2561-11-03 at 14.53.39.png

Screen Shot 2561-11-03 at 14.54.07.png



Inspired by

Bands generated from the site have actually been famous!

play here:

Screen Shot 2561-10-23 at 11.02.20.png

Screen Shot 2561-10-23 at 10.55.05.png

I ran through countless problems with this exercise.

  • http vs. https – took me 2 hours to work out that I was missing an ‘s’
  • API rate exceeded – I cannot query data after sometime
    The code would not run
    Screen Shot 2561-10-23 at 10.40.35.pngScreen Shot 2561-10-23 at 10.27.50.png
  • html over canvas – I cannot create the canvas on top of DOM element

Too add:

  • adjectives

The original design:

Screen Shot 2561-10-23 at 10.44.40.png

Screen Shot 2561-10-23 at 10.40.35.png

Flower Object Communication

Screen Shot 2561-10-09 at 10.24.16.png

I have always wanted to make spirographs so I experimented with the equations. I turned these into objects with various properties including sizes, numbers of petals and shapes. I used the array function to duplicate the flowers.

I tried to make the objects communicate in a way that if one is smaller than 100 pixels, make every other one ‘red’. However, I could not get this to work in time and only those which are smaller than 100 pixels would turn red.

The sketch:


For this week’s assignment, I partnered up with Yunze to work on his previous assignment. [SET GOAL] We began thinking about what we want to happen. In this case we decided we wanted to make the button an on/off button (or switch). Once it is on, shuffle the pattern. [SUBTRACT] We removed the previous functions that are irrelevant to the new design. [DIVIDE WORK] We divided the work by having one of us do the pattern part (Yunze) and once of us do the button part (Me). [COMBINE WORK] We combined the work and went through our finished codes.

Starting sketch (Yunze’s homework for week 4):

Finished sketch (week 4 complete homework):

I very much enjoy the process of going through other people’s codes to understand their thinking and seeing alternative ways of executing the same design.